October 22, 2020

SCORE Tuolumne County | Serving Tuolumne and Calaveras counties

SCORE is a national organization supported and partially funded by the Small Business Administration.  It is a unique American organization that synthesizes two historic national ideals: entrepreneurial spirit and volunteerism.  In 2018 SCORE had over 10,000 volunteers servicing 138, 394 clients, produced 13,286 local chapter workshops with 249,870 attendees.

The Tuolumne County Chapter, founded in 1989, has 11 active members with seven acting as mentors for local clients that want to start a business or need support to grow the current business.  All mentors in the Tuolumne County Chapter are past or current business owners who live in the county.

SCORE chapters have two basic service goals:

  • Mentor clients in business startup and practices and
  • Provide business education through local workshops and online workshops.



Since 2016 the Tuolumne chapter has been reaching out to the local community to increase its client base through participation in local events, establishing partnerships with local business orientated organizations, increasing the number of mailing through social media such as Constant Contact and Facebook.


CLIENTS:  In 2017 our Chapter mentored fifty-five clients (55), in 2018 sixty-six (66) and as of May 2019 a total of sixty-one (61) signifying we will exceed all previous years.

SCORE does not count a successful business startup until that business has been in operation for two years.  One of the successes was spotlighted nationally in 2018.



The local Chapter has been producing business beneficial workshop for our fiscal year 2019 and has plans for additional educational programs for the balance of the year.  The Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business programs are presented by SCORE volunteers.   Programs dealing with specific business topics are produced by SCORE and presented by local business owner who are experts in the topics. 


Here are the programs presented and planned for this year.

September 2018- Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business

November-2018- Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business

March-2019-Business Expo

March-2019- Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business

April-2019-Business Law

May-2019- Starting and Operating a Successful Small Business

June-2019-Captial Funding

August-2019-Using Social Media (planned)

November-2019-Basic Business Accounting (planned)

January-2020-Using QuickBooks (planned)



What SCORE and the local aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners need are local business professionals, such as you, to share their knowledge.  Local professionals understand that “What’s better than a dream… is a dream come true”. 

In the process of sharing, local professionals can enhance their reputations and build their businesses.  In the past seven months, local attendees spent 304 hours at our Workshops listening to advice and instructions from local professionals.