December 4, 2021


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pics-13Life is good in Tuolumne County. Residents enjoy healthy small town living, greeting each other on the street and doing business with a smile and handshake. Business people, families and retirees continue to discover and pursue the Tuolumne County lifestyle.

Tuolumne Counties history is part of the colorful lore of the California Gold Rush.

Today, the towns thrive and the beautifully restored historic buildings in the downtown areas remind us of the days gone by. With its varied luscious landscape, the community’s commitment to preserving its rich history and the attraction of a talented arts community, the Sierra Foothills is a popular destination for visitors who enjoy outdoor recreation.

Population growth and economic change are occurring, so the right decisions will help our community succeed in establishing the economic and social vitality that have made the quality of life and the environment a successful place to live and work.

With its historic Gold Rush past and its growing technological future, Tuolumne County is a terrific place to live, work and raise a family. Above all, the friendly and welcoming attitude of our residents and entire community are cited as reasons why people want to settle and enjoy life here.

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