Leadership Tuolumne County


Leadership Tuolumne County (LTC) is a community education program sponsored by the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce. LTC was developed in 1992 by a group of business and community leaders including the Chamber of Commerce, Topic Day Committees, and dozens of community participants.
The program examines current issues by providing participants an in-depth look at private enterprise, government agencies, organizations, and individuals that make decisions affecting our county every day.
Leadership Tuolumne County (LTC) was formed to provide continuity in the stewardship of the community. LTC is a community-wide effort to ensure a solid base of informed and effective leaders to meet and address the present and future challenges, which face Tuolumne County.

Mission Statement
Leadership Tuolumne County, a program of the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce, is a community-wide effort to ensure a solid base of informed and effective leaders to meet and address the present and future challenges which face Tuolumne County.

Our goals are clear:

  • To identify, motivate, and develop potential community leaders
  • To expand the individual leadership potential of participants through education, exposure, and exchange
  • To provide leadership opportunities for participants
  • To foster a commitment to community service
  • To create a spirit of cooperation for the resolution of future community challenges

Through a series of Topic Days, participants will meet the experts and key-decision makers in areas of vital concern to Tuolumne County. The class will become widely informed about issues of importance they normally might not have the opportunity to explore.

Leadership Tuolumne County (LTC) consists of a mandatory opening retreat, eight monthly topic day sessions (one each month) from October through May, completion of a community service project, and a graduation and recognition ceremony. Each of the eight topic days explores and analyzes an area of interest or concern in the community. Topics include Government; Law & Justice; Education; Business & the Economy; Media & Communications; Arts, Culture & Quality of Life; Environment & Land Use; and Health & Human Services.

Applications for Leadership Tuolumne County are solicited from interested persons throughout the community. Written applications are used to identify those persons most likely to benefit from the program and to invest their knowledge and experience in the years ahead in Tuolumne County.
Applications will be available soon. For information, please contact the Chamber at 532-4212.
The process is intended to result in a cross-section of men and women from business, government, community services, and other sectors represented in Tuolumne County.

Financial Information
The tuition fee for the Leadership Tuolumne County program is $750.00 which covers all costs including the retreat. It is anticipated that most employers of program participants will underwrite tuition costs.

Youth Leadership Tuolumne County (YLTC)

The Youth Leadership Tuolumne County Program is sponsored by the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce and coordinated by the Leadership Tuolumne County. The program exposes high school students to community issues and civic leaders. It also provides opportunities for community and school involvement, develops individual and group decision making, and fosters leadership skills.

Students who attend high school programs in Tuolumne County and those who have demonstrated leadership potential are eligible to apply for Youth Leadership Tuolumne County. YLTC is particularly
interested in those students who desire to learn more about community issues and leadership skills.

One topic day each month is scheduled between October and May. The program begins with a mandatory retreat tentatively set for a Saturday or Sunday in September or October. The program
culminates with a graduation dinner in May. Topic days run from approximately 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (generally on weekdays) with transportation provided to the various locations. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to and from home.

Policy/Program Obligations
Students are required to attend and actively participate in the retreat and all Topic Days. Participants are also required to complete written evaluations for all sessions as well as other related writing assignments. Students selected to participate in YLTC will be granted a full-cost scholarship ($750) which will cover all related YLTC expenses for the year. Your “fee” is your full and positive participation in all YLTC activities.

Topic Days
Topic days generally include in-depth looks at Government in Sacramento, Arts & Education, Media & Communications, Law & Justice, Business, Environment & Health, and Human Services.

Application Process

For information, please contact the Chamber at 532-4212.

  • Complete and return the application to the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce at 222 South Shepherd St., Sonora, CA 95370 or fax to 532-8068
  • You will be contacted for an interview appointment prior to the mandatory retreat.

For Additional Information

Please call the Chamber of Commerce Office at 532-4212