December 5, 2021

Government Affairs Committee


Our Chamber brings together a diverse cross-section of business leaders who volunteer their time and talents to oversee the focus of our government affairs initiatives through our Government Affairs Council.


Our Chamber of Commerce manages an aggressive government affairs advocacy program combining research, government relations and communications. Through your Board of Directors and Government Affairs Council, our Chamber has forged key relationships with elected officials and leaders of government agencies on the local, regional and state level.

Our Chamber is a forceful advocate for the business community and helping it to secure major investments for the economic and community development of county. The Chamber’s Government Affairs Council is made up of member volunteers who work with the Chamber to enhance the rapport between our Chamber and public officials.

Our Chamber of Commerce encourages our members and the community at-large to get involved in civic life by participating in the democratic process. Voting, writing letters, signing petitions, attending public and community hearings and meetings, making donations, volunteering – these are just some of the many ways you can make a difference in your community.

If you are interested in participating on the Government Affairs Council, please contact the Chamber office at 532-4212 or check our events calendar for specific information regarding meeting time and day of the week. Of course you can always email us