October 26, 2021


Getting involved helps you get the most out of your chamber membership

An integral part of getting the most out of your Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce membership is getting involved in committees that help promote business and economic growth in our community. 

Ambassador Committee

Our Chamber Ambassadors are a primary liaison with our current membership. This dynamic group of individuals also play a vital role in member retention, events and communications and are critical to our Chamber’s success. They assist with the retention rate of existing members by conducting an on-going program of goodwill calls and networking opportunities with our membership. Find out more, CLICK HERE!

Government Affairs Committee

Our Chamber of Commerce manages an aggressive government affairs advocacy program combining research, government relations and communications. Through your Board of Directors and Government Affairs Council, our Chamber has forged key relationships with elected officials and leaders of government agencies on the local, regional and state level. Find out more, CLICK HERE!

Leadership Tuolumne County Committee

Leadership Tuolumne County (LTC) is a community education program sponsored by the Tuolumne County Chamber of Commerce. LTC was developed in 1992 by the Chamber of Commerce and a number of community participants. Find out more, CLICK HERE!

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee promotes the image of the chamber to the community, chamber members and potential members.  If you enjoy sales and marketing you will thrive as you serve on this dynamic committee. Find out more, CLICK HERE!

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee organizes and develops the Annual Chamber Golf Tournament and the Chamber’s Annual Installation Banquet. The enthusiastic committee engages many talents and meets on a regular basis to plan each event. Find out more, CLICK HERE!

Transportation Committee

The primary responsibilities of our Transportation Committee is to look at state highway by-pass proposals and local transportation problems. The committee makes recommendations to the Board on positions that it feels would be in the best interest of our county and business. Find out more, CLICK HERE!